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Our company was established in 1998 and was re-registered in 2017 as Edelweiss MCM Ltd. TRANSLATION & INTERPRETATION CENTER in Pazardzhik.

We offer express interpretations and translations of business correspondence and specialized translations of texts, manuals, instructions and standards.

When you start an order with us you can be sure that the specifics of your documents, their terminology, their graphics layout, its volume, and your specific translation requirements as well will be taken into account. So we can choose the most appropriate translator or team of translators working with more than 30 world languages.


Translations from specialists

Selecting the most appropriate translator is of utmost importance when starting a translation project.

Depending on the document specifics, the translation could be sent to a linguist translating documents in general topics or to a translator who is a specialist in the relevant field, experienced in working with different texts and documents.

This way, we can guarantee that there is terminology cohesion even within very short terms which very often suggest insufficient time for editing the document. Prevodachi.eu has an extensive database with more than 200 translators – philologists and specialists in different fields, who passed the strict selection procedure. For each specific project we select the most appropriate people in order to guarantee the quality of your translations, regardless of the specifics or their complexity

Deadlines for translation

Quality translation is a guarantee for the success of your business or personal endeavor. Nobody wants to suffer losses or failure due to inaccurately translated word or due to omission. Therefore the provision of sufficient time for the translation is essential. This brings peace to the translator, provides additional time for reading and editing of the documents and reduces the risk of inaccuracies.


The short deadlines for translation of large volumes, however, are very common in the contemporary business environment. In these situations we’re able to react in due time and form a team of linguists. Preliminary provision of terminology and specific requirements enables the successful execution of large projects even in extremely tight deadlines.

Of course, the speed of translation made by a specialist should not be confused with the time necessary for machine translation (made by Google Translate, for example). Machine translation is a quick, but inaccurate method to translate your documents. It is a perfect solution for translating documents used purely for information purposes or for internal use. However, for serious translations, where precision is of utter importance, participation of a specialist is required in order to guarantee quality.


What languages do we translate to and from?

Edelweiss MKM Ltd. has a data base with more than 200 translators, working with more than 50 languages. Of course, the most popular language is English. That’s why the number of linguists using this language is the largest. We’re able to form large teams for execution of large projects within very tight deadlines.


We can react in due time with other comparatively popular languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian, since there is a sufficient number of translators working with them.

For all other languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hebrew, Georgian, Kazakh, Vietnamese, etc., sufficient time should be provided, since translators with those languages in Bulgaria are not many.

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